With over 20 years of experience antiques in Oklahoma City, my goal is to connect antiques lovers with the most knowledgeable antiques dealers from around the Oklahoma City metro area. They continually astound me with the quality and variety of authentic antiques, vintage items and rustic furniture they bring in every day. And when I say authentic, I mean that the vast majority of items in Decades Revisited are actually vintage- not newer market items dressed up to look retro.

I also want my customers to experience a pleasant and upbeat environment as they shop. A friendly staff is here to answer questions and feel free to ask for a cup of coffee. Come spend the day getting to know us and our dealers and basking in old memories with all the amazing items to choose from.

Decades Revisited wants to make sure that everyone in the family will find something they love. We are proud of our selection of the most eclectic, repurposed and vintage antiques in Oklahoma City, Ok.

We look forward to providing you the best antique mall experience in Oklahoma City.


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